Midwest Camera Cars services Chicago, the Midwest and East Coast with camera cars, process trailers, tow-dollies, gyro-stabilized remote heads, and the Russian Arm. We offer professionalism, attention to detail, experience and the best equipment available. 


Russian Arm

Our Russian Arm is used throughout the Midwest. From Detroit to Nashville, Denver to New York. Working with Filmotechnic Canada, the Russian Arm has set the industry standard since 1996. From full 360° beauty shots of a picture car, to high speed action shots, we are pushing the envelope of conventional cinematography.

Camera Car

With the ability to configure the rig to different camera and lighting set-ups, out insert car is perfect for anything from plate-shots to crane-shots, to towing dollies and process trailers. With the on-board generator, all power needs are handled while on the move.

Process Trailer

 Designed with ease, efficiency, adaptability and safety in mind, our Process Trailer is the most sought-after trailer in the Midwest. Fold-out wings allow for lights and dolly-track set-ups in minutes. Grip-friendly wooden decking.