Our Process Trailer was designed and built to give you a smooth, quiet and as low a ride as possible. Average ride-height for the picture vehicle is 6" off the ground. However, the air-suspension is fully adjustable from 2" to 12" of height adjustment. Quick-release, fold-down wings allow for easy set-up, or if needed, they can be released and removed in less than 5 minutes. We put the axles at the back of the trailer, which allows for a clear and free unobstructed working platform. Trailer wings and main deck are grip-friendly and can be screwed into. The trailer offers endless rigging points and comes with 1.5" speed-rail, as well as a small speed-rail package that includes fittings.


Process Trailer 

  • GVRW 10,000 lbs

  • Smooth rattle-free trailer

  • Grip-friendly anti-slip, WOODEN DECKING that can be screwed into.

  • outfitted with e-rail as well as tie-down track gives endless rigging points.

  • 1.5" speed-rail, enough for full railing, and then some.

  • small speed-rail pipe package & fittings come with the rental of the trailer.

  • 24' long x 8' wide main work-deck

  • Fully Adjustable Air Ride Suspension

  • Hydraulic Slide Axles


Air Bags

This Process Trailer features a unique air-bag suspension system. That allows for ride height adjust-ability, from 4" to 12" off the ground.  Average ride height of the picture car is 6" off the ground.


Fold-out wings allow for lights and dolly-track set-ups in minutes.  They can also easily be removed if needed. The decking is constructed from wood, that features a non-slip surface.


Work Area

 Designed with ease, efficiency, adaptability and safety in mind, our Process Trailer is the most versatile trailer in the Midwest.